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Our Research Division of The National Dental Council has now completed the first part of the AFFECTS of wearing a Mask during this hard pandemic, in 2 weeks you will be receiving more information on our findings.
One important fact is that you make an appointment as soon as possible with your dentist for your periodontal Check up.
-Dr. Douglas King DDS. FACFM, FACFD

Due to the recent pandemic , dental research discovered a new dental problem that if left untreated can cause not only dental but a medical problem & lower your resistance to other diseases.

Mask Mouth is here!

"What Is Mask Mouth"

A few symptoms are rapid growth of bacteria in the oral cavity.

Dry Mouth, BAD Breath, and formation of new Cavities due to the decrease in saliva.

Over 40 Years ago Dr. Irwin Mandel DDS from Columbia Dental School recognized the ill effects of bacteria colonies in Saliva would eventually lead to a series Breakdown of health in the oral cavity. This research lead to preventive dentistry.

Its time to call your dentist NOW even if its just for an exam + cleaning & x-rays.

As a Student of Dr. Mandel 40 years ago.

My practices today is for prevention of your Oral Health for decades to come.